Friday, April 24, 2015


Well, here I am, surrounded (still) by boxes, and gazing out my library* window at a rather stunning view of trees, trees, and more trees. Even Merleau Ponty approves...

Thankyou for your lovely comments and good wishes on my last somewhat harried post. It's good to be finally here, amidst tree ferns, mist, rhododendrons, and mad, squawking nature. Most days I have a kookaburra come to visit me. He's a great lumpy, grinning fellow. I can be absorbed in my doings, and then find that I have a creeping sense of Being Watched. I look around and there he is, the large beaky bloke, sitting not two feet from me, staring fixedly at me, as though to say, "you think I look ridiculous?".

The process of getting this new place in order has begun, and it's quite a task, as we're needing to get Stuff Done.

In fact, we had to leave for a night when the floors were being done, and so looked about for somewhere handy (to home and school) to stay. But as everything around here seems to be "boutique accommodation", we ended up staying at a ridiculously gorgeous historic and bluestone-y joint. Glazed with exhaustion and relief, we endured a night in a four-poster bed, in front of an open fire. I suffered, in the manner of a damned French queen, (and yes, there was cake too), the additional privation of lolloping in the most enormous bubble bath known to humanity. And then I fought the Moon for the complimentary chocolates. I'm still slightly bigger than her, so I won.

Now it's back to the reality of the Box Labyrinth, and other cat-herding tasks. And I must press on, as the month I've taken off to do all this is fast drawing to a close. But first, I shall go for a walk with a lovely friend, and gaze open-mouthed at the beauty in which I've somehow landed myself.

I have missed being here and chatting with you. I hope all is well with you m'lovelies. I look forward to doing some bloggy visiting soon, and catching up on your news. Very best wishes to you for the weekend. xxx

*'tis a glorious irony that I have something as grand and stately sounding as a library in my teeny-tiny house. But I do. And it is a happy thing indeed.