Saturday, October 3, 2015

Daisy Days.

We keep meaning to cut the grass. But we love the rash of lawn daisies too much. Instead of mowing the grass, we flop ourselves down in the dappled shade and make daisy chains whilst the Chook Ladies forage for bugs around us.

It's so warm today. And it's only early October. A taste of Summer days to come...

Floating on the air is the white sage I'm burning. On the rekkid player, the Only Lovers Left Alive soundtrack by Sqürl. The Bloke and I watched the film for the second time last night. It's one of my faves, and definitely my favourite vampire film ever. It was even better on the second viewing. Just beautiful. And I want Eve's hair, (and her clothes, and her books ; )

I'm cutting out bits of fabric, crafting gifts - mainly for my yet-to-be-born niece or nephew. I wander between projects. Today is a lazy day. A day for meandering. I don't feel the need for focus on one thing. Just swaying with the rhythm of the day. Dancing as I make the tea. Drifting to the book shelf, and pulling out whatever takes my fancy. Ordering a book online, and a beautiful new journal. Shuffling my cards, and drawing The Wheel. Relax, let go, let it flow.

There are sundried tomatoes, dowsed in olive oil, and scattered with fresh basil. They're messy and sensual to eat. I blend smoothies from frozen bananas with fresh strawberries, vanilla, and cool coconut.

The dorje-dog blunders through my fabric piles for a cuddle, with all the grace of the farm dog she once was. Merlin, the Filth Wizard, is flopped on my bed, turning it swiftly from white to black. There are lilies of the valley quietly blooming in the garden, tiny scented surprises.

Wind chimes stir on the balcony, and I can hear Moon strumming on her guitar from the other room. I planted a grape vine this morning, dreaming of future harvests, sweet and plump, and shaded.

My tea grows cold. I don't care, this day is lovely, and filled with peace. I hope yours is too. xx

Sunday, September 27, 2015

A Blood Moon, Full Moon Missive.

Happy Full Moon to you friends! And it's a lunar eclipse - a Blood Moon.

I hope you're enjoying your Sunday. I just popped in here to let you know that I have written and just sent out a letter to those of you who have subscribed to my ironically named "newsletter".

As it turns out, I'm going to have to buy a new computer, but I've managed to borrow the Bloke's pooter today, and have thoroughly enjoyed wittering and tinkering away to you from my place here in the throes of Spring.

I find the eclipse has brought me a lightness and optimism. Possibly enhanced by the Spring energy here. A sense of genuine new beginnings. I do usually get a visitor around the eclipse - a shadow that peeps in the windows. I wish them well.

And that's what an eclipse can do, things can resurface, but needn't if they've been dealt with, and I have released all sorts of things. A sense of betrayal - of my feelings, my self, and my privacy. It helps that I came to Rapunzel's Cottage, moving away from a toxic community, despite my fondness for dear old Crooked Cottage. This is a much friendlier community. But one wherein I can remain comfortably on the margins without any pressure to join in.

Now that's as heavy as the story gets here today, m'dears. My letter to you is much lighter, and possibly altogether quite frothy. It contains linkies, and book chat, garden witterings, and even a recipe or two.

Many blessings to you all. xx