Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Bits and Bobs.

Well that got a bit busy.

It's been a week of a bed-ridden Moon, (she who is hardly ever poorly), who succumbed to a particularly bad bout of tonsillitis. There's also been the usual dithering packing-up-the-house merde, as well as all the usual obligations.

I've had all manner of ideas and brain-thunderings. I had intended to get here and jot some of them down, because as the soul-storm rises, they are calling to me ever so loudly; and along the way there've been many little prods and omens. Not least of all this one by Jo, who with all of her posts lately, seems to be inside my head, (if my head was able to unscramble and arrange its ideas as beautifully and articulately as she does).

But we'll let all these thoughts bubble, rise, and ferment away some more. In the mean time, it's Friday. Linky time...

Mel's beautiful (and gorgeously named) digital diary feels like a homecoming - of the deepest, soul-warming kind. It nudges me closer to home.

I have to admit, one of my bug-bears is moral outrage in regards to swearing. I understand that there are people who find swearing offensive, and I understand the reasons why. 
However, my tolerance of an anti-swearing stance goes completely out the window when this is applied to books and reading. In other words, censorship, nannying, and dumbing down.
This is what the app, Clean Reader does. The app even goes so far as to alter anatomical terms, (gah). See here a response to this by Joanne Harris, who makes some excellent points. And I notice on Twitter, Neil Gaiman made his feelings clear on the matter as he offered an alternative...heheh.

My frock-lust de jour.

Anthropologie Enak tiered maxi dress.
A moment of nostalgia: do you remember this scene? It's from what I still consider to be the best film version of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet (1968). Exquisite. 

Monica Lewinsky's TED talk, 'The price of shame' has been much discussed this week. I think it's not only timely and topical in an age where cyber-bullying is pervasive, but it's also brave, honest, and entirely worth your time. 

Listening to Laura Marling's song 'Short Movie', and the video is lovely too. 

Tina Givens, Soulful Sewing Patterns. Oh the bloomers! Bloomers, I tell you! And slips! There are freebies here too...

Speaking of free crafty things...this knitting pattern by Purl Soho would make delightfully textured Autumn or Spring scarf. There's even a helpful little video tutorial that comes with the pattern : )

And that's all from me. I do hope you have a mighty fine weekend, indeed. xxx