Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Rummage.

A shop that has these signs outside? Go on then. Twist my arm. 
Don't mind me - I'm just passing through in order to wish you a happy Friday.

It's an out and about day for me. This morning I wrapped myself in scarves and gloves, (no doubt I resembled an ewok), bundled the dorje-dog in my little red car, (with her sitting very upright, and grinning at the prospect of a drive); and sped off up the mountain for a bit of a rummage.

At some point, there may have been oven roasted mushrooms with balsamic rocket. There was moste definitely a roaring medieval kind of fire in a great stone hearth, with me perched nearby, journal and pen spread out on a table.

The Witchetty tree. 
In the main street of the village, there was a towering witchetty tree, and she crouched over people walking under her in the street. I swear I could hear the ghost of her cackling, as she swayed in her bony Winter glory.

There was also a dear little shop of sorcery, stories, and spells. I couldn't quite squeeze into the lolly shop though, because it was tiny, and filled with lovely Italians tourists.

So I stood on the front steps of said shop and listened to them talk for a minute, because I could listen to Dante's language until the cows come home. Unfortunately I can't understand a word of it, because during my one semester learning Italian at uni, I was more interested in dolce than declension.

I also met a little dog, a sausage-y kind of dog, with ridiculous ears that kept accidentally turning inside-out, (due to his enthusiasm). He could smell the dorje-dog on me, and decided that he liked that. So he followed me about his shop, and persuaded me to buy 4 tree lanterns. And so I did. Because, tree lanterns, you know. Although the task of hanging them in a tree is not nearly as happy as all those romantickal pinterest images would have one believe.

There's Mrs Miggins, helpfully playing "Where's Wally", whilst I attempt to hang lanterns. 

A couple of tree lanterns. Hanging nonchalantly. Not very practical is it? *sigh*.
That's about it for now, for I must fly, and perform a number of necessaries before the day draws dark and low upon the mountain. And I've skived off quite enough for one day.

Do have yourselves a brilliant weekend, won't you? And if you can go for a rummage somewhere, it's quite restorative. Ciao*. xxx

*See what I did there? 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Garden Plots and Unkempt Spots.

A secret mossy spot in my garden. For yes, that is moss growing there, not grass, and I do love a mossy path. 

Giddy aunts, and all that.

This week has been a flurry, and continues to be so. Not the snowy kind of flurry - hopefully we'll see some of that come July-August. I would love some snowfall, but I will have to go a little further up the mountain for that one, methinks. Rapunzel's Cottage is in a delightful spot, but for my gothic tastes, it could be even more elevated, (read, precipitous) and misty-mountainesque. For I do love being wrapped up in mountain and cloud.

I must say, though, this Winter-loving woman could do with a dose of sunlight. I suspect my vitamin D levels are perilously low. Again. But still, Winter does equal a happy mood for me. And I'm feeling particularly cosy today, because it's all drizzly outside; and I have a perpetual cup of steaming deliciousness beside me. And I'm also listening to Swiss artist Sophie Hunger's new album, Supermoon. Which is quite wonderful, and "supermoon" also happens to be one of our terms of endearment for the Moon-girl herself.

The Winter school hols are nearly upon us here, and we have Plans, because for the first time in eons, the Bloke, the Moon, and myself will all be having some time off work and school together. So I might not be here very much. Also, because painting.

*Sigh*. For it must be done.

I must say, I'm itching to be out in the garden planting and pottering, but now is the season for garden-dreaming, and planning rather than doing. It's far too muddy and frosty up here for tender young seeds and plants. I shall have to suffice with drooling over friends' Summer gardens, who live far across the oceans.

Peonies! Roses! Lately when I see these beauties on the instagrin, I tend to respond by getting a little excessive with the emoji. I suspect my excitability will only increase over the next couple of months, before Spring arrives here, and I get to enjoy some of these in the floral flesh.

But there are plenty of jonquils blooming in the garden, and hardy greens shall be planted anon. Actually, one of our plans for the school hols is to get a little garden of munchy greens happening below the Moon's bedroom window. There is a teeny-tiny patch of wildness that is singing weedy little ditties to me. Only a coupla dandelion, as well as some onion weeds are growing there, (and onion weed is a noxious pest in this area). So we'll clean that all up, and make it pretty-some, as well as entirely edible.

Oh dear. Clearly, this is a "before" picture of the proposed salad patch which Moon's window looks out upon. Note the onion weeds. That wee fence will look better with things growing up and over it. Fortunately, aside from this little eyesore, Moon's window also looks out upon fernery, hydrangeas, and rhododendrons. 

And when that's sorted, Moon can draw her curtains in the morning and look out upon her own tiny garden of salad-y and bitter greens, (yes rapunzel! How can we not, given the situation?)

Hopefully I can post a suitable "after" photo, quite soon.

And now I must keep plugging away with some technical computer-y bits and bobs that I find quite hair-pulling. For design details knot my brow no end. And the vision never aligns with the skills, I'm afraid.

Well, cheerio for now. I hope your week thus far has been blooming lovely. xxx